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I might make some money.

Affiliate Links

If you are reading a blog post recommending a product it is safe to assume that there is an affiliate link as I wouldn’t bother recommending a product if I wont make any money from it (the only exception is if it is for charity, see below).

However that being said if I am recommending a product it is because I have purchased it for myself.

Being male and hating shopping with a passion nearly everything I have purchased over the last 15 years has been online, mostly from amazon so there will be a lot of amazon links.

Honest Reviews

If a product is awesome I will say so, if the product is utter rubbish I will also say so, I will still link to the product in the blog article in case you don’t believe me and want to have a look for yourself.

If I receive a product gratis (YES PLEASE, SEND TO ME ALL YOUR FREE PRODUCTS TO REVIEW, especially if your company is called Apple, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nike, AMD, Nvidia, Intel, use the contact form to the left) my opinion and review of the product will not be biased.

Disclaimer: Everyone has their price. If I am paid several million pounds sterling I may be able to be persuaded to write a good review for a rubbish product. 🙂

Charity Links

I will link to charity occasionally and there won’t be an affiliate link, this isn’t an oversight on my part, it is because they need money as much as the rest of us.

Here is a link to my favourite charity Many Tears Animal Rescue my wife and I foster dogs for them and they do an amazing job at getting unwanted and ex breeding dogs forever homes. If you would like to adopt a loving dog and give it a forever home visit the link.